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From: The Desk of Veda McCoy

To: Future Confident Unlocked Divas!

Dear Friend,

I am in search of women who are READY to live a DIFFERENT KIND OF LIFE! The life you’ve always dreamed of. The life you always knew you were destined to experience. YOUR UNLOCKED, UNLEASHED, UNLIMITED LIFE!

If you’re reading this, then you know that being connected to the right coach and mentor is ESSENTIAL. In fact, coaching is one of the fastest ways to get to the next level.

Many women ask how they can stay connected to me and work closely with me as a mentor. They can clearly see that I am a TRAILBLAZER in the area of helping women to discover their passion, fulfill their purpose and walk in their power

This is the reason I have opened a few spots in my exclusive mentoring group the Unlocked Living Community. If you are intested in the Unlocked, Unleashed and Unlimited Life – I am here for you! This group is intentionally small, so that I can fully serve this tribe of amazing women.

But First A Word Of Warning:

This Community is NOT for Everyone…

Then I am NOT the Coach or Mentor for YOU.

In fact, I am only looking for 1 type of person: Future Women of Passion, Purpose and Power, who are ready for TRUE PROSPERITY.

Women who are committed to their success and willing to do whatever it takes to join the elite earners of the world. Please realize that you have to be willing to put in the work and implement the strategies you learn from being connected to the Unlocked Living Community.

If that’s not you, then stop reading now, because your stay in the coaching and mentoring group will be short lived.

However, if you’re committed to becoming an UNLOCKED WOMAN of power and prosperity…

If you’re tired of playing it safe in life, and you are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful…

Then read on…

Have you ever wondered what is really holding you back?

Do you feel like you have what it takes to unlock your dreams, make an impact and live a life of wealth?

Ever wanted to get advice, coaching and mentoring, from a proven leader and successful influencer in both ministry, career and marketplace - all for less a cup of Starbucks coffee?

If you're serious, then KEEP READING...

Who is Veda McCoy

Veda McCoy is a powerful influencer and initiator of PURPOSE! She is a TRAILBLAZER in helping women access their UNLOCKED LIFE!

Veda McCoy is an international speaker, pastor, singer and CEO. Her captivating delivery, packed with soul-stirring wisdom, revelation, and inspiration, has afforded her the opportunity to travel and speak throughout the United States, London, the Bahamas, and abroad, for over 35 years.

As a spiritual coach and mentor, Veda McCoy has helped thousands of women through her retreats, seminars, and empowerment programs. She passionately teaches them how to discover their divine purpose, pursue their passion and in walk their power. She is a proud graduate of the legendary T.C. Williams High School. In September 2021, she was inducted into the school’s athletic Hall of Fame.

Pastor Veda is an anointed preacher, teacher and singer who delivers the word with authority, accuracy and power. Her melodious voice allowed her the privilege of recording and traveling with Pastor Shirley Caesar.

What are people saying about Veda McCoy

Y'all make a girl feel UNSTOPPABLE...#UNLOCKED!! -- Trgina Hunter

Your selflessness and authentic pouring is making a huge impact!! I’m grateful to be apart of your tribe!

One word: POWERFUL! Women who invest in God's plan for their lives, and work with Veda McCoy are destined to realize their true passion, potential and power. Thank you Pastor McCoy for fulfilling your assignment to help women to unlock their dreams! - Carla White

Corporate clients include -

ARE YOU READY? These spots will not be available long. Remember, the group has to stay small so I can properly poor into the members. So, I will only be able to accept a limited number of women, during this open season. The Unlocked Living Community offers mentoring, coaching, networking, community and sisterhood for an extremely discounted monthly membership investment. Check out all that you receive for becoming a member! Normally programs like this – with all of the membership benefits – can cost upwards of $5,000 a year. Your investment will pay for itself several times over and your life will unfold just as you always dreamed it could.

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